Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first reaction to this was "Great! playing tricky tricks you sneaky banks, you lovable ruffians, here, make some serious financial decisions for me"

Then i realised that it is a pretty interesting reflection of the industry that this campaign will probably work, solely because it stands out and brings NAB down to a level of mate, as in MAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTEEE.

Banks, Politicians, Mechanics, all want to portray themselves as your friend to generate trust and then generate business.

The mateship which should manifest itself in customer service reflects only one element of a successful business.
I want to see politicians/banks/juice bars that have customer service nailed but follow that up with the knowledge and confidence of a professional.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Think that pretty much sums up pretty much everything ever done/said/thought.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy birthday ........ you're robbed

Today happens to be my birthday.
To day also happens to be the day my car got stolen from the front of my house.

A coincidence?
Or 26 years of maniacal planning by some kind of car stealing omnipresent being?
Only time will tell...............

The odds of getting your car stolen in any given year in Australia is roughly 5.4 in 10,000The odds of having your birthday (not counting for leap years or uneven distribution of births) is 1 in 365.

So my series of events is basically a once in a million chance (1.4795 in a million i fink)

Bet you that you have never received a present that rare?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Genesis 1.1

Welcome - thought i'd start with a video that highlights two of the better qualities anyone, let alone a marketer can posssess - self awareness and humour.

It also reminded me of the fact that ponies look pretty scary...... almost like they know something big is about to happen but won't let anyone else know until it is too late....
probably because humans parade them around like 'little horses'.

please pony overlords..... tell us your secrets....

Apparently Pythagorus worshipped animals (via nature via his followers) too....